Connecting WiFi Thermostat to your Home Network

Access Add Thermostat Menu:

  1. Out of the box, your Aprilaire WiFi Thermostat should be in WiFi set up mode: Note: If you are changing routers and need to enter your Thermostat WiFi set up mode, refer to the Thermostat owner’s manual.
  2. From the main menu, tap “Want to add a new thermostat” to begin your WIFI Thermostat/ Home Network sync.
  3. iOS USERS ONLY (Step 3 does not apply to Android users):
    • Exit the My Aprilaire app and enter WIFI in the settings menu.
    • A WiFi network including “Aprilaire” in the title should appear in your list of network options. Tap that network to proceed.
    • When you tap “Want to add a thermostat” you will be connected to the Aprilaire WIFI Thermostat’s network.

Finding Your Home Network:

  1. You will be presented with 2 options for connecting your thermostat to your home network (this guide will focus on the “Scan for Networks” option:
    • Scan for Networks (recommended)
    • Enter Manually
    • Tap next after selecting “Scan for Networks”; a screen stating: Please wait while we look for nearby access points should appear before you are presented with a list of wireless networks.
    • Select your home network from the list.

Connecting to Your Home Network:

  1. Enter the password to your home WIFI network and tap Done.
  2. Aprilaire recommends you highlight, “DHCP”, and tap Next to continue.

Confirm Your Network Settings:

  1. On the Confirm Configurations Saved screen, Make sure your network configurations are correct. Tap Save to continue.
  2. To apply your new wireless settings to your Aprilaire WiFi Thermostat, tap Apply on the Configurations Saved step.
  3. On the Final Confirmation screen: tap OK to complete the WiFi setup process.