Internet Connection

Please view the Start Up Guide for connection instructions. This guide can also be found in the packaging for your thermostat.
The password is usually set when the router is setup by a homeowner or internet service provider. If you do not know the password, check the bottom of the router, the router owner’s manual or any service papers from the install process. If you cannot locate the password, you will need to contact your router manufacturer. Aprilaire does not have this information.
No. You can enter the MAC ID with upper or lower case letters following the correct format [Ex: b4.]. The MAC ID should populate on its own when connecting a new thermostat, if the device is added following the directions in the User Guide.
It is recommended that you connect this thermostat to your home network. If you wish to connect to a guest network, you many need to contact your router manufacturer for assistance.
Make sure that your router is operating correctly by checking other devices on your network to see if they are working.
If other devices are working properly, proceed to the router compatibility section of the FAQ.

Ensure that your thermostat is in Wi-Fi setup mode. In Wi-Fi setup mode, the Wi-Fi logo on the thermostat will be strobing. If the Wi-Fi logo is strobing, follow the instructions in the Start Up Guide.

If your Wi-Fi thermostat is not in setup mode, refer to the thermostat owner’s manual for directions to enable it. Note: It may take up to 30 seconds for the thermostat to enter Wi-Fi setup mode after powering up or after a reset.


If you know your thermostat model number, follow the directions for Clearing the Router Setting in your owner’s manual, or find the directions below.

If you do not know your thermostat model number, find it here

Select the Quick Start Guide for your device and follow the instructions in the "Connect your Wi-Fi Thermostat to Your Home Network" section.