The warranty on your Aprilaire Wi-Fi Thermostat is void if not installed by a qualified Heating and Air Conditioning contractor. If you need help finding a contractor, use the dealer locator at

The Aprilaire App runs correctly on most, popular U.S. mobile devices that are running up-to-date operating systems, including:

All Apple iOS devices Version 6 and above.

Android OS 4.0 and above, including: 

  • GoogleNexus 7,

  • HTC1, HTC 510, HTC 1M8

  • LG F60, L70, G3

  • Motorola DROID Razr, DROID Ultra

  • SamsungGalaxy S2 - S5; Galaxy Note2 - Note4

  • ZTE 970

To remove a thermostat from your account, you must unregister or delete it fro­­m your account. You do not need to have access to the thermostat. Follow the steps for deleting a thermostat on your Android or iOS device.
  1. Open the Aprilaire App and go to the Location to which you will assign the new thermostat.
  2. Follow the steps to Add a new thermostat to your Android or IOS device
1. Search for Aprilaire.
2. Change iPad Only to iPhone Only in the top navigation bar.
3. The Aprilaire App will now appear.

By default, these thermostats are configured to work with most home automation systems. To work with the Aprilaire app, the internal setting that controls this needs to be switched to Aprilaire Cloud. Follow the steps to switch to Aprilaire Cloud. 

  1. On an 8810, set the thermostat to Off mode. Next, press and hold the Mode and Up Arrow buttons for 3 seconds until the screen changes to 00. Look at the number in the upper, right-hand corner. Use the up or down arrow button to change this to 0. Press Mode repeatedly until the word Done appears. The thermostat is now able to be configured for use with the Aprilaire App.
  2. On an 8820 or 8830, set the thermostat to the Off mode. Next, press Menu once and then hold Setup for 7-10 seconds, until the message “Installer Setup Enabled” appears. Release the Setup button and then tap Install Setup once. Press the Next button once, and you should see option 00 appear. Press the Up or Down Arrow to change the setting to Aprilaire Cloud, then press Done twice. The thermostat is now able to be configured for use with the Aprilaire App.
  3. On an 8840, press Menu and then hold Contractor Info for 10 seconds. When the message “Enter installer settings?” appears, tap Yes. The thermostat will reboot in the configuration mode. Select General and change the first setting to Aprilaire Cloud. Press Next until Done appears, then press Done twice. When the message “Are you sure you want to exit the Installer Settings?” appears, press Yes. The thermostat will reboot and will be able to be configured for use with the Aprilaire App.

A. By wiring terminals/back plates:


8476W Wiring


8620W Wiring


8910W Wiring

8920W Wiring

B. Determine your thermostat's model number by removing the cover on the front.



8476W Cover

8620W and 8910W

8620W Cover

The model number will be located directly below the screen. If you have a full-color touch-screen thermostat, then you have the Model 8920W
  1. If you know your thermostat model number, follow the directions for Clearing the Router Setting in your owner’s manual, or find the directions below.

    If you do not know your thermostat model number, find it here

    Select the Quick Start Guide for your device and follow the instructions in the "Connect your Wi-Fi Thermostat to Your Home Network" section. 
  2. Continue and complete the section titled ‘ADD THERMOSTAT TO USER ACCOUNT’ in the Quick Start Guide.
  3. If the previous homeowner did not remove the thermostat from their user account, when you press Done in the last step of this process (Add Thermostat screen), you will get a warning that says ‘A thermostat with this MAC ID has already been registered.’ If this happens, you will need to unregister the thermostat from their account before continuing.
  4. To unregister, follow the steps in the owner’s manual as though you were Clearing the Router Settings above, but choose the option to Unregister the Thermostat instead. Continue on the app by pressing Done. Your app will then display the thermostat control screen.

Please view the Start Up Guide for connection instructions. This guide can also be found in the packaging for your thermostat.